We’ll go over How to Clean a Cat Tree in this article. Cats have a natural affinity for perching on the tops of trees. If you allow them to play outside, you’ll observe them climbing and chasing each other up and down trees. Some cat owners are unable to give their pets with a large, tree-lined backyard. Having a cat tree as a favourite area is the finest option. You must, however, keep your cat tree clean to avoid unpleasant odours, ugly stains and excessive hair. Cats will be happier and healthier if they have a well-maintained cat tree.

How to Clean a Cat Tree in Few Steps

Remove the Cat Tree from its Base

Large and cumbersome cat trees are available. Take it apart before you start cleaning it so you can deal with each part individually. This will make the entire process a lot easier. To disassemble, simply remove the screws and nuts one by one. Remember where each piece goes when you put it back together. If you prefer, you can begin cleaning right away, but be sure to handle the object with care. Take care not to overuse the platforms. Keep the cardboard sections out of the rain.

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Removing Cat Hair Is the Second Step

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The next step in How to Clean a Cat Tree is With cat trees, the most common problem is the accumulation of hair in the nooks and crevices. To get the job done quickly and with better results, use brushes that are specifically developed to remove cat hair from fabrics. It’s also possible to use rollers and gloves to achieve the same result. Take a look at them and evaluate which one works best with your cat’s tree. Depending on how much hair there is, it may take many passes to completely remove it. Begin at the top and work your way down each level to capture the hair that has fallen.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner Is the Third Step

The next step in How to Clean a Cat Tree is After the initial brushing, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the tree and its surroundings. The machine will also remove any leftover hair. The brush and nozzle attachments are ideal for this task. Look for places where the brush didn’t reach, such as corners, interiors, and other tight areas. Consider using a moist glove and rubbing your hand over the materials if there is hair on them. The vacuum cleaner should be able to pick them up more easily now that they’ve been loosened up.

Stains on the Cat Tree Should Be Cleaned

The next step in How to Clean a Cat Tree is However, despite the fact that cats are able to clean themselves, they can still make a mess. They could, for example, vomit on their perches. Using them will leave behind stains that are more difficult to clean up. Anti-stain solutions can be purchased at the market or made at home. Spray the stain with a pet cleanser that can dissolve it. Before wiping the surface with paper towels, leave it on for a few minutes. Soak a sponge in a mixture of water and dish soap, and then rinse it. To remove hair and grime from surfaces, use a scrub brush. Things can be vacuumed again once they’ve dried.

The Final Step Is to Remove the Odours

Feline scents will eventually develop due to the combination of cat fur, litter, and physiological fluids Since this will have an effect on the entire room, you must take action immediately. You may find yourself embarrassed if your cat tree is in the living room. If you do nothing, the stench will simply get worse. For a quick fix, try using an enzyme-based odour neutralizer. It’s also possible to use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to kill germs. Things can be cleaned and dried by allowing them to air dry.

Put the Cat Tree Back Together

You can now reassemble everything if you followed step 1. After your pets play with it, make sure that the screws and nuts are securely fastened. This should be placed in an area that isn’t near any fragile goods.


Keep the cat tree clean to avoid accumulating hair, dirt, and stains. It is easier and faster to deal with minor problems. Cats and their owners will both be pleased with the outcome.

Additions and Suggestions

Vacuums intended to remove pet hair might be a good investment if yours is outdated or has poor suction. When it comes to getting rid of the dirt and hair, a vacuum is the most convenient method.

It is possible to address the furniture’s odours with sprays or granules, depending on the severity of the problem (for stronger odors). A pet supply store should have both of these. The odour eliminator should be applied and allowed to sit for a few hours before being rinsed off. Remove using a vacuum cleaner.

You should always use non-toxic cleaning products. If you’re not sure if it’s safe for your pet, don’t use it. Instead, look for an alternative.


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