Without regular exercise, some dog breeds, like Australian cattle dogs and Doberman pinschers, become destructive or violent. Some dog breeds, on the other hand, are perfectly fine snoozing or merely jogging, following their owners a few times a day down the hall to the bathroom. These so-called slacker dog breeds require very little daily physical and mental activity to remain healthy and happy. This list, on the other hand, will get you started in your quest for the Laziest Dog Breed.

All dogs, without exception, require daily walks and other forms of exercise to remain in good health. If you don’t have enough living space or like calm pastimes. You may want to consider a breed that has a reputation for being low-energy. If you’re not planning on going trekking or frisbee throwing anytime soon, don’t get a dog that requires a lot of energy all day, every day.

Basset Hound

When it comes to temperament, a basset hound’s low-hanging ears and droopy eyes are enough to tell you that she’s a couch potato. Basehounds are big-time sleepy dogs, which most owners believe makes them wonderfully charming. They’re loyal and always eager to chill.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It’s fairly uncommon for a Cavalier King Charles spaniel to adopt the characteristics of her owner. The breed will cheerfully follow your example of taking long afternoon naps in the sun. If you’re a self-described couch potato. Because they were intended to be hunting dogs, these puppies will jump at the chance to chase a squirrel, so make sure to keep them on a leash while out for walks.

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French Bulldog

French bulldogs are similar in that they will follow their owners wherever they go and prove to be Laziest Dog Breed. Dogs who don’t bark much make excellent apartment and city dogs, especially for people who have to be away from home for long periods of time. Take your Frenchie out for regular walks, even if you prefer the chaise lounge to the Great Outdoors. Frenchies have a tendency to overeat, which is dangerous for their small stature.


If the Broholmer can fit on the couch, he’d love nothing more than to sit on your lap and bask in your adoration. These dogs, which are relatively new to the United States, have long served as watchdogs in Europe. This makes them an excellent choice for families with children and other pets as well.

Tibetan Spaniel

When it comes to temperament, these adorable baby lions are normally calm and polite and deserve to be the Laziest Dog Breed. They’ll sit through 20 reruns of Cheers with you and take a walk around the block in between each one, no questions asked. They have a customer-focused mindset and aren’t concerned with going to exotic locations to see or be seen.


In spite of their intimidating appearance (and the fact that they make excellent watchdogs), Tosas are gentle and understanding dogs, yet they are Laziest Dog Breed. The Tosa, also known as the Japanese mastiff, is a huge dog that is extremely devoted to its family members (though he can get aggressive with new dogs). This breed requires a lot of one-on-one time, but beware of the slobber.


Unlike other dogs, greyhounds can run really fast and need a good sprint every now and then. However, they prefer to lounge around or wiggle their way into your bed. In many cases, adopting a retired racing greyhound is your best option because these dogs have been bred to have a steady disposition and tend to appreciate their new laid-back lifestyle.

Senior Rescue

Portrait of dog outdoors

Remember, as Gilbreath points out, it’s difficult to tell if a dog will be energetic or not just by looking at its breed. It’s advisable to rescue or adopt an older dog if you insist on a pup who would rather watch TV than play with you.

Apartment-friendly Laziest Dog Breed for Lazy People

For example, not having to mow the grass or handle the myriad other home maintenance jobs that may be required when you own your home is an advantage of apartment living.

The drawback for dog owners is that some breeds aren’t allowed, while others are too energetic, too noisy, or just plain unsuited for a small living space.

So, what are the options for a prospective pet owner who lives in an apartment?

Because of this, some dogs use significantly less energy than others. While keeping in mind that all breeds necessitate daily exercise. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten laziest dog breeds that are ideal for an apartment lifestyle.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Known for their joy and intelligence, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels get along well with people of all ages and backgrounds. While other little breeds tend to yap when not properly trained, this one is naturally silent. Short romps about the living room are all it needs before crashing onto your lap for a long nap.

English Bulldog

If you’re looking for a dog that’ll curl up with you on the couch, look no further than these short, compact breeds. Since they get overheated and weary rapidly, Bulldogs aren’t known for doing much physical activity. They would much rather stay inside and relax. Aside from that, their stocky build and frightening appearance deter robbers. You won’t have to spend hours removing dog hair from your apartment’s cracks and crevices if your dog has a short-haired coat.

Miniature Pinscher

Although the Miniature Pinscher isn’t as low-energy as some of the other dogs on this list, its compact stature makes it ideal for flats. This dog is ready for an eight-hour snooze after zipping across the living room a few times. The Miniature Pinscher is a popular choice for apartment dwellers because of how well-behaved and low-maintenance it is.

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Which huge dog do you think is the laziest of them all?

Basehounds are big-time sleepy dogs, which most owners believe makes them wonderfully charming. They’re loyal and always eager to chill.


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